6V53 Detroit Diesel Engines

6V53N, 6V53T and 6V53TA for M113 Family and M551 Vehicles

  • Remanufactured 6V53 Detroit Diesel Military Engines
  • Overhauled 6V53 Detroit Diesel Military Engines
  • Parts for 6V53 Detroit Diesel Military Engines
  • Services for 6V53 Detroit Diesel Military Engines
  • M113 Powerpack Upgrades
  • 6V53 Detroit Diesel Military Engine Reconfiguration
  • Remanufactured Cylinder Heads for 6V53 Engines
  • Remanufactured Cylinder Blocks for 6V53 Engines
  • Aluminum 6V53T Engines

6V53 Detroit Diesel Engines

Technical Services

6V53 Maintenance, Repair and Remanufacturing Services

NSN Lookup provides Overhauled and Remanufactured 6V53 Engines from its facilities in the USA. Fully Certified with on-site Digital Dynamometer Testing. NSN Lookup can provide on-base Repair Services and Maintenance Programs for End Users of Military 6V53 Engines. Contact us for more information.

Service Kits

Carefully designed Service Kits for vehicle powertrains such as the M113 Family which can applied at regular intervals to maximize the readiness and lifetime of the engine. Each Service Kit is complete with Pictorial Service Instructions and can be customized to the local language of the maintenance staff.


On-Base Maintenance Programs and Training tailored to the End User.


Engine Remanufacturing to the US Army NMWR Standards.

Powerpack Upgrades

Powerpack and Engine Upgrade packages can be customized to meet an End User's needs.